AD 2000 Temperature Control

Now you can provide a constant temperature inside your building for all weather conditions.

A fuel waste of up to 4% can result from overheating a building by an average of just 1 degree. By monitoring average building temperature and precisely scheduling setpoints, fuel consumption may be reduced by as much as 30%.


AD 2000

Maximum energy savings
        15% to 30% savings possible
Ease of Use:
        Quick set mode
Direct Monitoring:
        Check temperature in different
Remote Dial-Up:
        Call the system from your PC to
        check or adjust temperatures
Graphic Temperature Displays:
        Verify operation at-a-glance
Data Storage:
        Document 2 years of building

Sample of Graphic displays:    

History Report

AD 2000
is manufactured by

Energy Solutions of Illinois Inc.
1732 W. Hubbard Street
Chicago, Illinois 60622